Meritor Differentials


Pro Gear and Transmission Inc. Store offering the full line of new used and rebuilt Meritor differentials on the market. New, used and rebuilt Meritor differentials and parts for all models.
Our store also offers: rebuild kits, bearing kits, ring and pinion sets and any other related part you may need at deep discount prices. We can remove, rebuild, repair and or replace your existing unit on site in our state of the art shop.
We will also ship your new, used or rebuilt Meritor differential World wide.  Our parts department carries every conceivable part you could possibly need as well as hard to find parts.

Meritor Rockwell differentials in stock:
Model number index.
FRONT DIFFERENTIAL, SQHD SQ100 SQ100-P SSHD RT40-145 SERIES RD20-145 RD20145 RDL20-145 RDL20145 RP20-145 RP20145 RPL20-145 RPL20145 RT46-160 SERIES RD23-160 RD23160 RDL23-160 RDL23160 RP23-160 RP23160 RPL23-160 RPL23160
ROCKWELL REAR DIFF SQHD SQHP SQAR SQ100 SSHD RT40-145 SERIES RR20-145 RR20145 RRL20-145 RRL20145 RT46-160 SERIES RR23-160 RR23160 RRL23-160 RRL23160
ROCKWELL SINGLE SPEED F106 R170 RS20-145 RS20145 RS23-160 RS23160
ROCKWELL TWO SPEED RS15-210 RS15210 RS17-220 RS17220 RS21-230 RS21230


Arvin Meritor gear sets available in our store:NUMBER         DESCRIPTION         APPLICATION – MODELA-34712         GEAR SET 5.14         53589A-35136-12         GEAR SET RR 5.29         SEE A-40674-1

A-35156-8         GEAR SET RR 6.17         SEE A-40678-1

A-35156-9         GEAR SET RR 6.17         SEE A-40678-1

A-35166-9         GEAR SET RR 7.40         SEE A-40682-1

A-35178-5         GEAR SET RR 4.11         —-

A-35178-10         GEAR SET RR 4.11         SEE A-40536-1

A-35208         GEAR SET RR 4.63         —-

A-35208-10         GEAR SET RR 4.63         SEE A-40544-1

A-35376-6         GEAR SET         SFD-4640,FWD & RR 6.58,


A-35470-6         GEAR SET RR 4.89         SEE A-40546-1

A-35514-6         GEAR SET RR 5.83         D100/DHR

A-35536-6         GEAR SET 7.20         F106,147

A-35536-10         GEAR SET FWD 7.20         SFH-F,SFHD

A-35538-10         GEAR SET 6.80         F106,147

A-35540-5         GEAR SET 6.20         F106,147

A-35586-8         GEAR SET FWD 6.80         SHHD-SJHD

A-35590-12         GEAR SET RR 6.17         H-140

A-35634-6         GEAR SET RR 7.80         D100,140

A-35636-6         GEAR SET 7.80         F106,147

A-35710-3         GEAR SET 5.29         F106

A-35732-12         GEAR SET 6.17         H172/L172

A-35798-2         GEAR SET 5.29         D100

A-35806-19         GEAR SET RR 6.83         SQHD

A-35808-18         GEAR SET FWD 6.17         SQHD

A-35808-19         GEAR SET RR 6.17         SQHD

A-35808-23         GEAR SET FWD 6.17         SQHD

A-35810-16         GEAR SET FWD 5.83         SQHD

A-35810-17         GEAR SET RR 5.83         SQHD

A-35810-19         GEAR SET FWD 5.83         SEE A-35810-16

A-35810-20         GEAR SET FWD 5.83         SQHD

A-35812-17         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         SQHD

A-35812-18         GEAR SET RR 5.29         SQHD

A-35812-20         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         SQHD

A-35812-21         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         SQHD

A-35814-13         GEAR SET FWD 4.63         SEE A-35814-16

A-35814-14         GEAR SET RR 4.63         SQHD

A-35814-16         GEAR SET FWD 4.63         SQHD

A-35814-17         GEAR SET FWD 4.63         SQHD

A-35816-16         GEAR SET FWD 4.44         SEE A-35816-19

A-35816-17         GEAR SET RR 4.44         SQHD

A-35816-19         GEAR SET FWD 4.44         SQHD

A-35816-20         GEAR SET FWD 4.44         SQHD

A-35818-19         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SEE A-35818-23

A-35818-20         GEAR SET RR 4.11         SQHD

A-35818-23         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SQHD

A-35818-24         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SQHD

A-35838-6         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SEE A-40164-1

A-35910-5         GEAR SET FWD 4.63         SEE A-40172-1

A-35912-5         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         SEE A-40178-1

A-35916-2         GEAR SET FWD 6.17         SEE A-40182-1

A-35916-5         GEAR SET 6.17         R-155-RH

A-35954         GEAR SET 3.70         R-170

A-35958-1         GEAR SET 6.50         H162,L145

A-35958-3         GEAR SET 6.50         H162,L145

A-35966-10         GEAR SET 8.20         H140

A-36028-18         GEAR SET RR 3.55         SQHD

A-36028-20         GEAR SET FWD 3.55         SQHD

A-36028-21         GEAR SET FWD 3.55         SQHD

A-36036         GEAR SET 5.29         R-170

A-36100         GEAR SET 7.40         R-170

A-36446-12         GEAR SET FWD 4.88         SQHD

A-36446-13         GEAR SET RR 4.88         SQHD

A-36446-16         GEAR SET FWD 4.88         SQHD

A-36684-3         GEAR SET FWD 4.88         SEE A-40176-1

A-36722-9         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         SQHD

A-36722-10         GEAR SET RR 4.33         SQHD

A-36722-12         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         SQHD

A-36722-13         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         SQHD

A-36736         GEAR SET 7.20         13168/HYSTER

A-36950-3         GEAR SET 7.17         H-170

A-37090-1         GEAR SET FWD 6.80         SEE A-40170-1

A-37164         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         SSHD

A-37278-2         GEAR SET FWD 3.55         SQHP,SQ100

A-37326-1         GEAR SET RR 3.55         LR,QR100

A-37376-1         GEAR SET RR 5.29         QR-100

A-37382-1         GEAR SET RR 4.33         LR100/QR100

A-37392-1         GEAR SET RR 4.88         LR100/QR100

A-37396-2         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         SQHP,QD100

A-37398-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.88         SQ100/SQHP

A-37404-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         SQHP,QD100

A-37494-2         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SEE A-38836-1

A-37502-1         GEAR SET 5.83         H140,HHR,JHR

A-37530-2         GEAR SET FWD 4.44         SQHP,QD100

A-37532-3         GEAR SET RR 4.44         QAR

A-37534-3         GEAR SET RR 4.63         QAR

A-37536-3         GEAR SET RR 5.29         QAR

A-37540-2         GEAR SET FWD 4.63         QHP,QD100

A-37566-1         GEAR SET RR 4.63         LR100/QR100

A-37588-9         GEAR SET FWD 3.70         SQHD

A-37588-10         GEAR SET RR 3.70         SQHD

A-37588-12         GEAR SET FWD 3.70         SEE A-37588-9

A-37588-13         GEAR SET FWD 3.70         SQHD

A-37596-2         GEAR SET FWD 3.70         SQHP

A-37598-3         GEAR SET RR 3.70         SQHP

A-37890-2         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         SEE A-40162-1

A-38002-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         SQHP,SQ100

A-38006-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         SEE A-38006-9

A-38006-3         GEAR SET RR 3.90         SQHD

A-38006-9         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         LHD/QHD

A-38006-10         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         SQHD

A-38512-1         GEAR SET RR 3.70         LR100/QR100

A-38520-1         GEAR SET RR 3.90         LR100,QR100

A-38586-5         GEAR SET RR 3.73         SEE A-40504-5

A-38730-1         GEAR SET 4.10 RR         LR,QR100

A-38806-1         GEAR SET RR 4.10         SEE A-40536-1

A-38808-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.10         SEE A-40164-1

A-38830-1         GEAR SET FWD 6.14         SQ100,SQHP

A-38836-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SQ100,SQHP

A-39004-1         GEAR SET RR 5.38         SEE A-40088-1

A-39006-1          GEAR SET RR 7.33          R155,SHR

A-39016-1         GEAR SET FWD 5.38         SEE A-40046-1

A-39166-1         GEAR SET RR 3.73         QAR

A-39168-1         GEAR SET RR 3.73         LR,QR100

A-39170-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.73         SQHP,SQ100

A-39424-1         GEAR SET RR 3.42         LR-QR-100

A-39446-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.42         QD100,SQ100,QHP

A-39496-3         GEAR SET 7.17         RS-13-120,RS-15-120

A-39498-3         GEAR SET 6.14         RS-13-120,RS-15-120

A-39638-3         GEAR SET 3.73         RS-17-140

A-39882-1         GEAR SET 4.56         —

A-39888-5         GEAR SET RR 4.30         RR,RS-23-160,RT-46-160

A-39890-5         GEAR SET RR 4.56         RR,RS-23-160,RT-46-160

A-40024-1         GEAR SET 4.89         RR-RS-23-160

A-40036-1         GEAR SET 4.56 FWD         R164-SSHD

A-40046-1         GEAR SET FWD 5.38         SHD,THD,UHD

A-40074-1         GEAR SET RR 4.56         SHR,R155

A-40088-1         GEAR SET RR 5.38         SHR,R155

A-40162-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         SSHD

A-40164-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         SSHD

A-40170-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         SSHD

A-40172-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.63         SSHD

A-40176-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.88         SHD,THD,UHD

A-40178-1         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         SSHD

A-40180-1          GEAR SET FWD 5.57         SHD,THD,UHD

A-40182-1         GEAR SET FWD 6.17         SSHD

A-40306-1         GEAR SET FWD 6.83         SHD,THD,UHD

A-40504-1         GEAR SET RR 3.73         SHR,R155

A-40504-5         GEAR SET RR 3.73         R140,143

A-40534-1         GEAR SET RR 3.90         SHR,R155

A-40536-1         GEAR SET RR 4.11         SHR

A-40536-3         GEAR SET RR 4.11         SHR

A-40542-1         GEAR SET RR 4.33         SHR,R155

A-40544-1         GEAR SET RR 4.63         SHR,R155

A-40544-3         GEAR SET RR 4.63         SHR,R140

A-40546-1         GEAR SET RR 4.88         SHR,R140,155

A-40674-1         GEAR SET RR 5.29         SHR,R155

A-40674-6         GEAR SET RR 5.29         SHR,R140

A-40676-1          GEAR SET RR 5.57         SHR,R155

A-40678-1         GEAR SET RR 6.17         R155,R140,SHR,UHR

A-40682-1         GEAR SET 7.40         SHR,R155

A-40682-5         GEAR SET 7.40         SHR,R155

A-40686-1         GEAR SET RR 3.33          SHR,R155

A-40680-1          GEAR SET RR 6.83         SHR,R155

B-41016-4          GEAR SET 3.73         RR-28-160

B-41164-1         GEAR SET 3.42         RR-20-145, RS-21-145

B-41278-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.33         RD,RP-20-145,RD,RP-22-145

B-41280-1         GEAR SET 4.63         RD-22-145

B-41282-1         GEAR SET 4.88         RD-RP-22-145

B-41284-1         GEAR SET FWD 5.29         RD-RP-22-145

B-41498-1         GEAR SET 3.58         RR-20-145, RS-21-145

B-41504-1         GEAR SET RR 4.10         RT-40-145,RR-20-145,RS-21-145

B-41512-1         GEAR SET 3.58         RD-RP-22-145

B-41514-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.73         RD-RP-22-145

B-41532-1         GEAR SET 3.58         RR-22-145

B-41534-1         GEAR SET 3.73         RR-22-145

B-41540-1         GEAR SET RR 4.33         RR-22-145,RR-20-145,


B-41542-1         GEAR SET RR 4.56         RR-20-145,RT-40-145,RS-21-145

B-41544-1         GEAR SET 4.88         RR-22-145,20-145,21-145,40-145

B-41548-1         GEAR SET 5.29         RR-22-145

B-41562-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.56         RD,RP-22-145

A-41586-1         GEAR SET 3.36         SHR, R155

B-41678-1         GEAR SET FWD 3.90         RD,RP-22-145,20-145,RT-40-145

B-41680-1         GEAR SET FWD 4.11         RD,RP-22-145,20-145,RT-40-145

B-41684-1         GEAR SET RR 3.90         RR-22-145

B-41686-1         GEAR SET 4.11         RR-22-145,RR-RS-20-145