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Eaton Truck Parts for 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 15 18 speeds.

E Pro Gear is the source for Eaton on the Internet today. Our distribution center will quickly deliver your unit or parts to your shop or job site.

Rebuilt Eaton 10 13 15 18 5 6 7 8 9 speed for sale. Service, repair and parts we carry all Eaton Rebuild Kits.  Installation for all makes and models.  We will also remove, rebuild and install your unit on any brand truck or heavy equipment. E Pro Gear We are your one stop shop.

Give our experts a call and we will rebuild it for you today.  Download the Fuller Eaton Manual for FS-5205A, FS-5205B, FS-5205C, FS-5306A, FS-5406A, FS-5406N, FS-6205A, FS-6205B, FS-6305A, FS-6305B, FS-6306A, FS-6406A, FS-6406N, FSB-5406B, FSO-4305, FSO-6406A, FSO-8406A here

If you are looking for Eaton parts, visit our newly opened online truck parts store to order all the parts you may need.

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Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, fifteen, eighteen Speed

Eaton Roadranger

Here at E Pro Gear we believe Eaton medium duty and heavy duty transmissions are an unbeatable combination for drivers, Fleets and owner operators. Eaton is known the world over as the reliable choice from the truck drivers that drive them, to the dealers and service shops that repair or rebuild them.

E Pro Gear, Our in house rebuild program offers a one year unlimited miles warranty on all rebuilt by us, so no matter what your budget is we have the service or repair plan to serve your needs. We also stock new OEM and aftermarket Eaton parts to service you or your repair shops. If you need information or an Eaton parts manual or service manuals give us a call, we will e mail or fax you the manual you need and explain any and all the information you request. Our parts and service personnel are Eaton experts and will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have. We are heavy duty, medium duty trucks and equipment experts. We also offer New, rebuilt and used parts and repair for any model. One call does it all, we also offer same day shipping in most cases and we export the world over so no matter where you are contact us today for a parts or service quote you will be glad you did. we also have rebuilt kits, small parts, gears, shafts, shift sticks, bearing kits and clutch and flywheel parts


Did you know you can convert your 9 speed to a 13 speed its easy and turning your reliable 9-speed into a 13-speed for performance and reliability with an inexpensive conversion kit before trade-in will increase your truck’s worth by $3,000.00

13 speed models:

RTLO/F-14613B TA-A66-12R TA-A69-12R, RT/F-14613 TA-939-12R TA-952-12R, RTO/F-14613 TA-940-12R TA-953-12R, RTLO/F-14713A TA-B56-12RF, TB-B09-12R TA-B28-12R, RTLO/F-14913A TA-F04-50RF TA-F02-50R TA-F03-50R, RT/F-15613 TA-816-12R TA-820-12R, RTO/F-15613 TA-817-12R TA-818-12R, RTLO/F-16713A TA-B56-12RF TA-B56-12R TA-B57-12R, RTLO/F-16913A TA-F04-50RF TA-F04-50R. RTLO/F-18913A TA-E59-50RF TA-E59-50R TA-E60-50R

Eaton 18 Speed Units:

RTLO-14718B, RTLO-14718B-T2, RTLO-14918B, RTLO-14918A-AS2, RTLO-14918A-AS3, RTLO-14918B-AS, RTLO-16718B, RTLO-16718B-T2, RTLO-16918B, RTLO-16918A-AS2, RTLO-16918A-AS3, RTLO-16918B-AS, RTLO-18718B, RTLO-18718B-T2, RTLO-18918A-AS2, RTLO-18918A-AS3, RTLO-18918B, RTLO-18918B-AS, RTLO-20918A-AS2, RTLO-20918A-AS3, RTLO-20918B, RTLO-20918B-AS, RTLO-22918A-AS2, RTLO-22918A-AS3, RTLO-22918B, RTLO-22918B-AS

Eaton Warranty

On new factory units that we sell you may purchase an additional one or two years of protection with an extended warranty.