E Pro Gear Offers a full line of new, used and rebuilt Truck differentials.

We stock semi truck parts from all manufacturers on the market today.
We also offer differential rebuild kits, ring and pinion sets and any other part you may need at discount prices. We can remove and rebuild or repair your existing unit on site in our state of the art shop or ship your new, used or rebuilt unit World wide today. Our parts department carries every conceivable part you could possibly need as well as hard to find parts and out of date items. We can locate any part for any differential ever made. Let E Pro Gear be your one stop shop for any and all your Big Rig differential, transmission or gear needs. We want to earn your business and will help you in any way we possibly can. Shipping is same day and World wide.

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Rockwell differentials in stock:

Front Differential SQHD SQ100 SQ100-P SSHD RT40-145 Series RD20-145 RD20145 RDL20-145 RDL20145 RP20-145 RP20145 RPL20-145 RPL20145 RT46-160 Series RD23-160 RD23160 RDL23-160 RDL23160 RP23-160 RP23160 RPL23-160 RPL23160
Rockwell Rear Diff SQHD SQHP SQAR SQ100 SSHD RT40-145 Series RR20-145 RR20145 RRL20-145 RRL20145 RT46-160 Series RR23-160 RR23160 RRL23-160 RRL23160 Rockwell Single Speed F106 R170 RS20-145 RS20145 RS23-160 RS23160 Rockwell Two Speed RS15-210 RS15210 RS17-220 RS17220 RS21-230 RS21230 NBSP.

Eaton differential

Eaton front DS381 DS381-P DS381P DS401 DS401-P DS401P DS402 DS402-P DS402P DS404 DS404-P DS404P DS460-P DS460P DS461-P DS461P DS480-P DS480P
Ratio: – 336 355 370 390 411 433 456 488 529
Eaton rear RS381 RS401 RS402 RS404 RS460 RS461 RS480
Eaton front With Traction Control DC402-P DC402P DC461-P DC461P
Eaton rear With Traction Control RC402 RC461 RC480
Eaton single Axle 15040S 19050S 22121 23121
Eaton single Axle 2 Speed 15040T 16244 17221 18221 19050T 23221
Eaton single Axle Traction Control 23421

Mack differentials CRD92 FRONT CRD93 Rear Diff

I.H.C. International Truck Differentials
Front Differentials Ra351 Ra355 Ra472 Ra474 N400 N400f
I.H.C. Rear Diff RA351 RA355 RA472 RA474 N400 N400R
International I.H.C. Two Speed Diff G175T M190T M220T

GM Single Axle 2 Speed