Genuine Fuller Reman 7 Speed Transmissions

The table below shows you our available inventory of genuine Fuller reman 7 speed transmissions rebuilt by Eaton themselves.  If you do not see something you need, please call us or use the contact form to get in touch with us.

The first two columns after Model are for Standard Position Shift Bar Hsg. and the last two are for Forward Position Shift Bar Hsg.

ModelWithout Internal Oil PumpWith Internal Oil PumpWithout Internal Oil PumpWith Internal Oil Pump
T-14607AUse T-14607B


Need to identify your transmission? See below


All but Autoshift






Example: T-14607A

FR = Fuller Roadranger

R = Roadranger

T = Twin Countershaft

L = Low-Inertia Concept

O = Overdrive

X = Overdrive

FirstDigit T = Twin Countershaft

Second & Third Digits x 100 = Nominal Torque Capacity

Fourth Digit = Design Level

Fifth & Sixth Digits 07 = Forward Speeds

Sixth Digit A = Ratio Set